August 9th, 2011

Sharon and I

Sharon's a bit poorly

Just a quick note. Sharon has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease which basically means her immune system is attacking her thyroid. She's been having problems for months, so it's good to finally have some sort of an answer. It's unlikely to be very serious, but it can be.

Next we have to check for any cancer cells. It's unlikely, but naturally it has to be checked out.

Short term it doesn't make much difference to things. It explains her constant exhaustion and a bunch of other stuff. Need to look into treatments and the like.

She's doing fine emotionally, as am I. We don't panic or get depressed about this stuff as a rule. Our attitude tends to be, "Oh! We have something new to learn about!" But if we've seemed even less responsive than normal, well now you know why.