February 21st, 2011


Movies for 2011 - Part 5

10th February

12th February
Good Night, and Good Luck

13th February

14th February

15th February
Mutiny on the Bounty

16th February
V for Vendetta

17th February
The Stuff
Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet

18th February
Carry on Camping

19th February
The Phantom Tollbooth

20th February
The Pink Panther

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Things New Parents Should Know #28 - Medication

Been ages since I posted up one of these, but dealing with a teething MaybeZoe reminded me of a big one - medication. Could be an interesting post as I suspect it may open a hornet's nest with some people.

There is a tendency these days for people to over medicate. As soon as there is a small issue, people will break out whatever and give the kid the biggest dose possible. Many will follow it up at the required intervals with more full doses, whether they are needed or not. Collapse )
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