January 28th, 2011


Life stuff

The Red Polo Gallery next door is closing down. Very sad about this, and sad for the owner, Ian, who is a lovely guy. Just one of those bad timing things - a handful of things went wrong at once, car troubles, rent going up, and so on. Any one of which was survivable but all hitting at once has meant he has to close his doors.

There are two other galleries in Cooma, but what I liked about Red Polo was that, apart from being right next door, he was actually doing interesting stuff and taking some chances with interesting and different showings. The other two galleries are very traditional, not a bad thing, but nice to have some real variety. The other sad thing about this is that the other galleries may possibly see Red Polo closing as proof that staying safe is the best option.

In other nicer news, we have so many insects around here! It's very cool. Today while I was out working in the backyard I found a nice big caterpillar, so called Lex over to look at it. The back yard always has at least four or five butterflies hanging about, so I was able to remind Lex about the butterfly lifecycle. One of his favourite books is The Very Hungry Caterpillar so it's nice to be able to show him insects that he has a familiarity with.

And while I was putting out the washing, there on the clothes line was a cocoon, so had to go in and get Lex to show him that.

We keep getting a variety of small beetles in the house, so most days I'll get Lex to carry a beetle out of the house in his open hand. Though he manages to keep missing it when they extend their wings and fly off.

There's also a nice variety of spiders. Was very happy with the Christmas Spider we had outside the ensuite, but it's since moved off.

There's a big variety of cockroaches, I just wish we could keep the buggers out of the house. Wouldn't mind if they were native, or could do Buzby Berkley musical numbers like in Joe's Apartment, but sadly they're just annoying. I have a lot more tolerance for the native variety than I do for the imports.

We also have at least three different species of ants in the back yard. Little ones, bigger ones, and little ones that bite.

Haven't had a really good look at what's hanging out in our trees yet.

Oh, and Lex impressed me the other week by accurately counting the four butterflies that were fluttering about him.