January 3rd, 2011

Alex says come here

The Pyjama Game

Lex continues to love pink, and in the last couple of days I've watched him pull the beads off the Christmas tree and wear them like a necklace, and beg to wear Sharon's hairclip in his hair. None of this actually means a damned thing, but I'm still very aware that some of my relatives would discourage this, which I think is a shame.

The other thing that's a shame is Lex's In the Night Garden pyjamas. They're Iggle Piggle ones, and they have a few spots on them with silhouettes of Makka Pakka, the Tombliboos and their home. But no Upsy Daisy. The only reason she wouldn't be there is that they're 'boys' pyjamas, so a girl character is seen to have no place on them.

As you would expect, this seriously shits me.

Lex loves Upsy Daisy, just as he loves Makka Pakka, and Iggle Piggle. In fact the only characters he doesn't seem so struck on are the Tombliboos. He'd be very happy to have Upsy Daisy on his PJs, especially since, as the show makes clear on a regular basis, Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy are the best of friends.

I wouldn't care if the PJs only had Iggle Piggle and none of the other characters, but deliberately missing out having a small circle the size of a ten cent piece with a silhouette of the show's only (obviously) female character, when they have the other male characters there is just more of the whole gender push. Boys have to like boys things, girls have to like girls things, and no child should be allowed the opportunity to like both or the 'wrong' one lest it lead boys to become effete, and girls to like comfortable shoes.