September 22nd, 2010

1st Doctor

Thanks for the birthday thoughts!

Woke up in the new house today around 6-ish, and laid in bed dozing until 9:30, yay! Then I -

- did a little test strip with two different varishes
- while that dried I unloaded the car into both the shed and the house
- searched unsuccessfully for the tap to turn off the mains water
- emptied a dozen book boxes into the shelves in our wardrobe
- put up our new shower curtain
- searched again for the mains water tap, still no luck
- replaced the shower-head in the main bathroom with one that uses substantially less water
- had a shower

I listened to some music and episode 44 of Paleocinema while doing a chunk of this, and received a bunch of SMSes and calls wishing me a happy birthday. I think my fav was from Nick, who rang to wish me a Happy Genesis-of-the-Dalekboy.

I also spoke to Lex on the phone, and with some prompting he wished me a happy birthday. Then started saying, "Birthday... cake? Cake? Birthday, cake?" Unfortunately for Lex, dad isn't a big cake eater.

And when I got home, a bit over an hour ago, I had a box of stock waiting for me containing the pack with the First Doctor in the outfit he wore in the pilot episode, and the appropriate TARDIS. One of these packs was always destined to be my birthday prezzie for myself :)

Thank you to everyone for all the kind thoughts over the last couple of days.

Tonight, I think I shall watch Up if possible.
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