September 14th, 2010

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Danny's Comics Saga #1 - The Dampening

Well, I feel as if I've mostly dodged a bullet thirty miles across.

On a quick glance, I have lost a few comics, but the greater portion of them are mildly damp at the bottom, and would still seem to be very readable. And while I know some things that had gone up in value are now essentially worthless, I only bought them because I liked them, so that's no great loss. So, several grands worth of re-saleable comics have vanished into the ether, and yet I still have most of them to read, hooray!

It also means I now don't have to be all precious about them when my kids want to read them later :D

Given just how soaked some of the boxes were, the low level of damage is a miracle. Or the science of capillary action, meaning that the boxes absorbed the lion's share of the moisture first, and so only passed along a small amount to the comics themselves.

I'm going with science :D

Updates, and maybe a photo of a wet box, later :)
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