July 19th, 2010

Dalek gets bothered



- buying Sharon a car
- buying a house in Cooma
- and dealing with all the legalities with that
- and trying to organise things for the house
- various wonderful and welcome guests spread over June/July
- trying to pack and sort a house full of stuff, using Strokeboy™, Preggo Girl™, Ancient Lady™, and Mini Me™ (Trademark belongs to someone else... shhhh....), which is, to be honest, glacial in its speed
- Lex's epic, ongoing teething with his last four rear teeth
- and his recent penchant for waking at 6am with a pooey nappy
- and him not sleeping for the rest of the day, even though he's tired and cranky
- me taking Lex and mum out when I'm already tired, to give Sharon a break, leaving me even more tired
- me being a good month behind on replies and emails (I am getting through them slowly, but if it's important, don't email or SMS, ring!)
- trying to get ready for the WorldCon trip to Melbourne (I've yet to actually put my name in for panels, which is crazy)
- preparations for bub number 2
- and assorted other things causing delays

...we should be able to start watching our new box set of The West Wing (a present to ourselves for our 12th Wedding Anniversary) sometime in 2011.

Looking forward to it.