June 25th, 2010

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Buying in Cooma

We made an offer on a house, and they have accepted it, now we get to run around like mad organising things! Oh and hoping nothing happens to bugger it up.

Three bedroom, brick, needs no work done beyond some curtains, good size. That said, we will still be either building an office or garage or buying a fitted out shipping container for my stock and for guests to sleep in.

Shaz and I both love the house, and the big-arse backyard. Will be doing 30 day settlement, though we won't actually be fully moving in until after WorldCon. Don't want to move to a new city and then suddenly leave mum on her own there for 2-3 weeks while we show off bub and do our con-thing.
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woohoo naked dancing

DVD recommendations

Okay folks, one of the things that we decided was that when we bought a house, Sharon would get her Thermomix, and I would get a tonne of DVDs, since neither of us would have much cash for a little while.

I have a list in my head of DVDs I'd like to buy, but I'd like recommendations because you may suggest a few things that I have forgotten about, or that I've never heard of but are absolutely tremendous.

Below the cut is the list of what I currently have on DVD to help reduce doubling up, and to give to a feel for my tastes. Generally speaking I don't want to buy TV series, that said, I'd like to buy West Wing and maybe Star Trek (original) and/or Deep Space 9, so Tv series aren't out if they're awesome enough. No need to mention any Doctor Who DVDs :)

Okay, so, recommend away!

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