June 18th, 2010


30 Days of Television #3: Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Only seen a few new shows this year, Archer, K9 Adventures, Happy Town, and far and away the best has been Stargate: Universe.

Let me say, to begin it started slow. It wasn't bad, and it was trying to be realistic, but it didn't quite grab me. It's taken time to grow on me, in fact it was only around episodes 14-15 that I started to really like it, prior to that I merely thought it was good. And now, with episode 20, I'm actively hanging out for more.

I've only every seen bits of the original Stargate series, which seemed fun, and I saw all of Stargate: Atlantis which was dumb but enjoyable enough to keep me going, but Stargate: Universe, even when I wasn't enjoying it as much as I am now, was good.

More importantly, it's Star Trek: Voyager done right. In SGU there are genuine issues with food and water, there are problems with the ship, there's real conflict, disagreements, bad decisions, and all these things have consequences. And on top of that, you have an ongoing power struggle between the military and the civilian sections of the crew. None of these people want to be here, and they aren't happy about it or having a good time.

All up, good stuff.
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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Need to jump in early with this because I go bush tomorrow morning, and will be away for a couple of nights.

So, do I really need to tell you the answer to this question? Really?

Okay, for the new person who doesn't know me and only discovered my LJ through twitter, or the odd friend who is criminally thick, my favourite show ever is Doctor Who.

To expand on this a little, it has been my favourite show since age seven. To expand on it further, and to be anal about it, the original run of the series is my favourite show ever, the new series is not quite there yet, but it's pretty good.

I don't think there is another TV show that, when at its best, can be so inventive and different. It runs the gamut from comedy to drama to action to thriller, sometimes all in the one story. Plus it features a hero who, when at his best, doesn't use weapons but instead his brains to win the day.

And the show changes organically with the world we live in, the ways of telling the stories change, the lead actor changes, everything changes so that the show you're watching now is not the same show you were watching two years ago, and it's not the show you will be watching in another two years. And if you don't like what it becomes, just hang around, it'll change again.

Nothing else has had the positive impact on my life that Doctor Who has had. And while I may be able to judge the show more critically than when I was seven, I still love it just as much.

You will see Doctor Who mentioned a few more times in this meme.