April 19th, 2010

1st Doctor

Doctor Who Original Series 17 - The Time Meddler

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8/10 - The Time Meddler

It's a solid and amusing tale, this one. While the Monk's plans would have serious repercussions on the world, he comes across as a well-meaning but irresistibly naughty schoolboy. He knows he shouldn't be doing what he's doing, but he just can't help himself. He even looks a little upset that in order to achieve his ends, people would die.

The interaction between the Monk and the Doctor is fun to watch. Both actors have excellent comic timing, and the scenes with their characters bumping heads are always enjoyable. Hartnell and Butterworth are in fine form throughout the story.

Vicki and Steven get a good outing, too. In fact, while it's Steven's first story as a companion, it's Vicki who gets to shine of the pair. She comes across as the old hand, wiser and slightly despairing of this headstrong newcomer. Given how poorly used Vicki was initially, it's nice to see her getting to do the explaining. Steven is likeable, and enjoyable to watch, even though his headstrong attitude can seem a bit forced at times.

Most of the rest of the cast do okay with their parts. The Vikings occasionally come across a little weak, but then again, they've not much to work with.

It's also a story with a couple of interesting firsts. It's the first semi-historical i.e. rather than being caught up in a normal set of historical events, the TARDIS crew find themselves up against an outside force whose actions threaten to change established history.

If you don't already know about the twists and turns of the story, try to keep it that way until after you've seen it. It's genuinely worth it. So don't read the back of the DVD! Nor should you let the opening menu run. Collapse )

All up, a fabulous and fun story, and one of my favourites.