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April 7th, 2010

Hey World! [Apr. 7th, 2010|08:50 am]
Just letting you know that Strokeboy did well while AwesomeWifePerson (TM) has been away. The boy got looked after, one or two things got done, it was all good.

I didn't really have doubts that I'd be okay, but I was actually more okay than even I thought.

Feel free to stay away for a second week and get some more rest, shazgirl, 'cos I'm doin' fine! Well, I'm still behind on a bunch of things, but I was behind on those with you here, so no change there. And I like that you've had a rest and some fun, and know that it's gunna be a while before that happens again when little Dorothy is born.

On an unrelated note, I got sent a bunch of personal messages with questions regarding my Strokeboyness. Will try to get back to you folks, or I may just do a post here. Either depends on finding time/inclination, but will do my best to reply in some form. Don't expect it soon, though.

Must be off, swimming today!
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The Tweets of April [Apr. 7th, 2010|06:01 pm]
Cut for non-Twitterites...Collapse )
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