April 3rd, 2010


My yearly Strokeboy update.

April 1st, 2006, that's when the universe decided to play a practical joke on me - it gave me a migraine. One that lasted for two weeks. The upshot of which was that the effect on my brain was the same as a mini-stroke. Oh, how we laughed!

So, in a matter of weeks I went from being bouncing, energetic Danny to constantly giddy, no concentration Danny. What made it worse was that after months of waiting to see a neurologist, the one we got was pretty useless. He always seemed to disregard the migraine as a starting point for the problems I was having, concentrating instead on the giddiness, and basically suggested that I take it easy until other symptoms presented themselves so he could make a diagnosis.

It wasn't until a little while after we moved to Canberra that we got someone who joined the dots in a truly Sherlock Holmesian manner. Asking weird questions and putting my answers together. I still remember when he'd said he was 90% certain that I'd had a Basilar Migraine - one based around my brain stem - and I brought up something I'd forgotten to mention, that the scent of my body had actually changed, and he nodded and said that it was just more evidence backing up his theory.

Of course the first and most important thing to do after a stroke is to start retraining one's body and brain, something I hadn't been doing because I'd essentially been told to take it easy. I had started jogging a month or two before the diagnosis because my legs had been getting weaker, but I was basically ten months behind. The doctor we'd seen said that while there was no reason I couldn't eventually make a full recovery, these things are unique to each individual and I may not.

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Movies for 2010 - Part 10

28th March
Burn After Reading

31st March
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

1st April
The Illusionist

2nd April
Snakes on a Train
Fight Club

3rd April
Captain Blood

I didn't enjoy The Illusionist as much as I would have liked. It's a good film, but it unfortunately hit my 'impossible tech for the era' button way too hard, which is a problem to do with what I like in a film, not a problem of the film itself.

Snakes on a Train was disappointingly dull and boring. It had all the outrageous stupidity of ideas and plot that it should have been a winner, but unfortunately uninspired direction and bad pacing kill it.

The rest of the films are all great in different ways, and are worth watching if you think they may be your cup of tea, though I don't think Luthor worked terribly well towards the end of Public Enemies

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