February 7th, 2010

1st Doctor

Doctor Who Original Series 16 - The Chase

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6/10 The Chase
There's a good story here, struggling to get past the over-long set-pieces that are hard to avoid on a TV show with such a limited budget. The Daleks suffer a little with what can only be assumed to be Terry Nation's boredom with the characters, as he proceeds to give various Daleks character traits such as being a bit dim, stuttering, or being worried that the Mechanoids may actually be a genuine threat.

The tone is a little variable as well. There are times when the TARDIS crew seem terrified of the fact the Daleks are hunting them, then other times when it's all treated by them as a bit of a lark.

At times the story meanders along in such a way as to be a bit dull. It also has the problem that an awful lot happens through sheer blind luck. Most TV and film relies on random chance bringing things together to create the situation, this story has a few too many elements where chance saves the day. But when the writing is on form, and the main cast are given something to do, it holds up well.