January 7th, 2010

1st Doctor

Doctor Who Original Series 15 - The Space Museum

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5.25/10 The Space Museum

Space Museum isn't a bad story as such, it's just a surprisingly dull and, at times, poorly written one. Then there's the realisation of things on-screen, which doesn't help. The Moroks are shown to be fairly incompetent, which removes any real fear of them. When a guard captures Ian, Vicki, and Barbara, he lets them have a long whispered conversation before even telling them to stop talking, then lets them have some more whispered talking.

So with villains being inept, any pity for the plight of the Xerons goes right out the window. It's bad enough the native inhabitants seem a bit wet, but how bloody hopeless does a race have to be not to be able to beat the Morok soldiers stationed on their planet?

However, the initial core idea is fabulous. Seeing their own futures and trying to avoid them, a wonderfully creepy idea wrapped in a reasonable first episode. Each of the characters gets a nice talky moment in the story, pondering their situation. Ian also gets a lovely dark moment psyching out a guard. Nicest of all Vicki actually gets to shine a little brighter than most of the rest of the cast as she steers some of the action over most of the story.

However, most of the acting by the guest cast is... lacklustre. Few seem to put in any real effort, which is something of a shame, since without that the story loses a chunk of its drive.Collapse )

It's sad that a story with such a great central conceit is crushed under the weight of so much ordinariness.