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Sorting, watching, quandries, and catch-ups.

I've been busy! I've put together lots of cheap bookcases, been sorting the vids and DVDs, rearranging the books, going through my stock, and watching stuff.

Reject Shop had laminated chipboard bookcases in three different heights for $10, $15, and $20 a piece, so we leapt on them and bought many. This has allowed me to rearrange the library so that my stock is better displayed (must get stuff up on eBay, I have many Doctor Who DVDs to sell!), the books are easier to see, and so on. Still got a long way to go, lots more sorting, moving of stuff and generally trying things out to see what works, but over all, happy with how it's going.

Been generally watching a lot more too, partially as a way to make myself rest rather than just working on stuff until I'm too exhausted to do any more. It's not a bad system. Work until I feel tired or feel I need a break, then either go have a snooze, or eat and drink while I watch a DVD. Been getting through anywhere between 1 and 3 hours of viewing most days.

I still have quite a few bought pre-recorded video tapes (not to mention a thousand-odd recorded ones) and while a chunk of them have been released to DVD, at this point with many of them I'd rather just keep the videotape. For a start, it saves money. A chunk of those that have been released to DVD have no extras beyond the film, and if I already have the film on tape, why would I spend more money just to have it on DVD? Then there's the fact that some of them... well, it's just not worth spending the money to own the DVD. I have Armageddon on tape, picked up for a few dollars. It's an entertaining film, but you know, when the tape eventually dies, I'm not going to miss having it in my collection enough to buy the DVD.

One of the things the new shelves allowed me to do was to move the bought video-tapes from the bookcase in the lounge into the library. What this means is that now all our DVDs are single-stacked. Oh, it's like a special sort of heaven, not having to rummage behind things looking for the ones I'm after. It won't last forever, but for the moment, I'm loving it :)

I've also brought my Excel database of DVDs up to date. There are two important columns in the DVD list. One is the year of production. As a film buff, there are times when this is handy info to have, even if it's only for my own curiosity.

The other column is the one that lets me know whether I have actually watched the DVD yet. This is incredibly useful at curbing my enthusiasm for buying new DVDs. When I check the list of 347 films and find that I've only watched 108 of them, well, I really shouldn't be buying any new disks unless I see them at an exceptionally good price. In the vast majority of cases they will still be around later, and probably at a substantially reduced price.

And of course the good thing about the list is it's got me watching through a bunch of my films. So in the last month I've watched Finding Nemo, Logan's Run, Clerks 2, Day of the Triffids, Dark Crystal, and a handful of others. It's great, having the list has actually encouraged me to make the time to sit down and watch movies again!

I've also gone on a bit of a Nigel Kneale kick. Starting to track down as much of his work as I can (have just picked up The Stone Tape. However I've struck an issue. The Year of the Sex Olympics was available on DVD, but is currently out of print. And copies of it now are selling for around $200, which I'm not prepared to fork out. Except that there are copies out there for only $10. The problem is that they are obviously illegal bootlegs, and I seriously dislike giving my money to people who haven't paid for the rights, and knowing that not a single cent will get back to the original creators.

So cruel. I'd download it so I can watch it and buy it later, except that I've yet to find a working download. Oh well, I'll live... Though I may yet weaken on the bootleg *grumbles*

In other, non-DVD news, Sharon and I are selling the Noble Park property. So Richard will be moving to our South Oakleigh house, and then, after a clean-up, NP will be on the market. That will allow us to get rid of our mortgage and give us some money left over towards a deposit on a house in Canberra. We'll probably keep renting for another year or two, unless an ideal house with a great price presents itself in the meantime.

Will be sad to sell NP, but after a year here it's highly unlikely we would choose to move back to Melbourne. Forgetting the sheer size of the place, the huge lump of grey-brown smog on the horizon that I see for an hour or so before I hit the outskirts helps put me off.

Shaz and I have our train tickets to Swancon, so that will be an adventure! I haven't figured out my plane ticket back yet, but will definitely be training over, so thank you to all of you who contributed towards my 40th Birthday pressie. There will be piccies a plenty to show you on this very journal :)
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