December 15th, 2009


Your Danny Photoshoot Meme

Yes, the final in the trilogy!

Today you get to write and tell me how you would want to photograph me. You know me, nothing is too bland or extreme, so let yourself go.

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Today I feel like I expected to feel straight after getting my teeth out, or perhaps the next day. Migrainy, sensitive to light, sound, and touch (sheets hurt! Sharon's hair brushing against my arm hurts!). There was a touch of this yesterday, and today is notably worse.

And it's affecting my mood in surprising and unexpected ways. Not bad, as such, just odd enough where I'm going, "Huh? Why am I feeling like that?" and wanting to send lengthy emails to a couple of people talking about my mood, partially because I'm finding it curious.

Oh well, time for more painkillers and to go back to resting in the dark.