December 12th, 2009

woohoo naked dancing

That makes everything better

Survived the teeth okay. Some pain but nowhere near the level I was expecting/preparing for. But even if there had been lots of pain, one thing would have made it better.

Yesterday Lex starting pointing at me and saying 'dad.'

Alex says come here

Waifs and Strays

I know many people leave Canberra at Christmas to go home, but if you're not leaving Canberra, or indeed will for some reason find yourself in Canberra over Christmas...

Boxing Day Waifs and Strays

When - Sat 26th Dec, 2009, 11am to 8pm

Where - Danny and Sharon's place in Giralang
(send message for address details)

What - BYO food and drink - most likely your own Chrissy leftovers. We will have a little on hand, but we're not expecting many folks since most are headed home, so won't be buying up for the day.

Come along, sit, chat, socialise...
Prophet Dan


Can you tell I was woken at stupid o'clock and haven't been able to get back to sleep?

Anyway, I have two requests.

1. Can anyone point me towards something I can embed in LJ that will play audio files when people click on it? Basically I'd like to be able to put up some select soundgrabs and such. So far my searches for something that would be quick and easy and free have amounted to nothing, but I'm not necessarily terribly awake or with it.

2. I'm looking for a Canberra (or nearby) based geek girl, preferably with a nice pair of geek girl glasses, for a photoshoot idea. Costume would ideally be fur bikini ala Raquel Welch in One Million B.C.. Is this you, or a friend? Contact me for details. No money, but a full set of photos from the shoot would be provided.

Would also be happy with the right looking geek boy, though he wouldn't be in a bikini, of course.