October 10th, 2009

1st Doctor

Doctor Who Original Series 12 - The Romans

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7.5/10 The Romans

The first story with overt comedy elements is rather well done. It doesn't let the comedy overwhelm what should be dramatic moments and the various threads progress easily and fluidly. Collapse )

Hartnell really gets the chance to show his comedic abilities, and obviously enjoys the chance. Vicki doesn't get a huge amount to do, which is unfortunate for the new companion, while the characters of Ian and Barbara get some solid storylines to follow.

Derek Francis as Nero is worth a special mention. He plays the buffoon well, and moves fluidly between Nero the fool, and Nero the dangerous fool.

Vale Barry Letts

Apparently Barry Letts has passed away. He was the producer of Doctor Who for all but the first of Jon Pertwee's stories, was executive producer for Tom Baker's last season, and did a handful of stories in various media outside those two runs.

I have no idea why, but feeling rather gutted by the news.

Most DW cast and crew die and I think it's a shame but Lett's death has actually hit me quite hard. I think one of the aspects that hits me is knowing that he and Terrance Dicks had an ongoing tradition dating back to their DW days of having a feed of chips together virtually every Friday night. I can't help but wonder how Terrance is feeling, knowing that their regular Friday nights are over, I hope he's okay.

Goodbye Barry, and thank you for producing the shows that my first Doctor appeared in. Your work has directly and indirectly influenced my life in so many ways.
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