September 17th, 2009

1st Doctor

Doctor Who Original Series 11 - The Rescue

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7/10 The Rescue
Not a bad little story, and a reasonable introduction to Vicki. Maureen O'Brien gets to run through a range of emotions - anger, despair, happiness - and does so rather well.

The story is a small and intimate one, which given its real job is to introduce the new companion, is actually quite a good decision. And while some people have knocked the plot from time to time, it has ideas and elements that make it quite interesting on a first viewing with no foreknowledge.

Collapse )In the previous story the Doctor states that he never takes a life unless his own is directly threatened, but this story seems to show that once he's decided there's a threat, look out!

Whatever flaws one wants to pick on in this tale, you can't knock Hartnell's performance. He had a script that allowed him emotional pain, loneliness, joy, mischief, sympathy, anger, and rose to the occasion beautifully every time.

All up, quite reasonable. It works well at two episodes and really highlights the range and ability of the show's lead, while doing a good job of introducing a new companion.