September 15th, 2009

Existential Threat


So, yesterday for the first time in ages, I felt properly productive, in that I managed to get a few important jobs out the way that weren't just housework/Lex related. Not my tax, but hey, getting some of that other stuff off my to-do list was nice. As a bonus I even got to listen to the Feast of Steven episode of Daleks' Master Plan, which as a real hoot, while I ate. And I looked at LJ, and even commented on one or two!

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Personal Meme

Gakked from whochick

My username is: dalekboy because one of my very favourite webpages way back when the internet was much smaller was "Dalekboy's Homepage." Dalekboy's original page has long since vanished, but when I needed a name for LJ, I went for that one. Plus it doesn't hurt that I'm a big dalek fan.

My journal name is: See Above!

My title is: Danny Danger Oz, because that's my name. For those that don't know, Danger really is my middle name. I do have other names, but Danger is the exact middle one.

My subtitle is: "The ever-changing state of the grumpy old wanker," as I think that describes me fairly well. My moods, attitudes, etc, change. Plus I'm grumpy, old, and a wanker in every sense.

My friends page is called: "People who seldom annoy me...," which I think is pretty self explanatory. Everyone annoys me, because I'm a grumpy old wanker, but many of the people on my friends list annoy me less than most. Well, actually, some of them piss me off almost every time they post, but that's what filters are for.

My default userpic is: A Coming Soon icon of the 11th Doctor and Amy pond, created by diablo_dancer. I'm using it because I'm really looking forward to the new series of the show. I'm not expecting it to be perfect, or to avoid doing things that annoy me, but I'm just so over RTD's poor writing any change is exciting to me. Plus I think it's a really nice icon.

Will probably change it to a photo taken on my 42nd Birthday, as has become my trend the last couple of years.
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