September 14th, 2009


The Evil One

Bloody Lex! He often refuses to go to bed before around 9:30 at night, so most days he sleeps until 9:30-10am, sometimes later. Having struggled for so many weeks, and in my zombie state not having achieved much beyond the very basics of housework at best, my plan for today was to take advantage of his late starts by getting up around 8-ish. That'd give me time to choke down some breakfast, then give me an hour or so to actually catch up on some of the stuff I've been needing to catch up with for ages.

So of course the little bugger has been awake since 5:30! And he's been generally unhappy for most of it. Well, at least I've got a load of nappies washed.

Mind you, much as I'm now back in my usual tired, braindead, zombie-like state, I can still admire his evil timing.

That's my boy!