September 12th, 2009


Question Meme (revisited)

Life is stupidly tiring and busy at the mo'. Lex is refusing to sleep, which woldn't be so bad but he insists we don't sleep either. So here is a mostly pre-written post I've been meaning to get up for ages.

Way back in January I did the Interview Meme. As it stood, I still had a bunch of questions to answer, I answered most of them at the time but babalon_93 hit me with five questions that required detailed answers, two of which were stumpers. And it's taken me until now to finally answer the two I found most difficult. All the rest were answered way back in early Feb. I haven't made any changes to my old answers to update them.

So, below the cut, my answers to questions posed by stephiepenguin, arcadiagt5, and babalon_93. If you posed questions for me that I haven't answered here, feel free to repose them and I shall attempt to answer them sometime in the next eight months. Collapse )