September 9th, 2009

Motivation Hazard


So I've been tired insomniac boy for a week or two now, Lex has been deciding to not sleep much, and my cold has been keeping me awake. This has all resulted in me going through the last week or so in a vague, zombie-like way, achieving very little and struggling an awful lot.

That's probably how I lost all those emails. Thanks to those who resent (including you, Dame Judi... Rowr!), I am slowly working my way through them as I try to at least get minimal stuff done, like wash nappies, feed Lex, eat, drink, etc.

Yesterday Lex had his one year injections, making him even worse for the sleeping, and much, much more grizzly. So today I'm feeling rather ragged. And I'm so behind on everything, I still haven't gotten my tax done - for the last two years.

No sympathy required, but some amusing comments, stories, or links would not go astray.
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