September 2nd, 2009

2nd Doctor

Bye bye Ice Warriors

My copy of the CD of Ice Warriors episodes 2 and 3 broke with a loud whirring, grinding noise in my computer's disc drive :(

What makes it especially annoying was I had it in there so I rip it and have a back up.

Irony, I am your bitch.
1st Doctor

Doctor Who Original Series 10 - Dalek Invasion of Earth

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Dalek Invasion of Earth 8/10

All up, a solid story, hence rounding the score to an even 8.

A feeling of hopelessness and oppression runs through most of it, making the fight against the Daleks all the more desperate. The human race is essentially stuffed.

Nation is an ideas man, and possibly his best in this story is the Robomen. While it doesn't seem much on the surface, the idea is horrific. Taking human beings and turning them into automatons who can't even recognise their own family. Even more horrific is that these shambling wrecks of people are the captured humans who were smartest and most resourceful.

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At the same time, the Daleks show a certain level of intelligent pragmatism lacking in many other stories. As is stated in the story, the two women in the cottage wouldn't be much use in the mines, so they are used to make and mend clothing for the mine workers.

The main cast all put in solid performances, playing it straight throughout. There's little levity or relief to be had in their battle against the Daleks. That said Barbara shows herself to be Queen of the Dalek fighting companions, not needing super-baseball bats or God-like powers to take out a bunch Daleks when they get in her way. Most of the guest cast do a good job, too.

The actual ending to the main Dalek story is only kind of... okay. It's not bad, but it feels like we need more. Collapse ) But it's thanks mainly to Hartnell's honesty of emotion during his beautifully written final speech, that what could have been an ordinary ending to a solid story, is elevated to become one of the best final episodes in the series' history.