August 26th, 2009

Motivation Hazard

So there

Well, after getting back from our less than relaxing trip to Melbourne, trying to recuperate from the 'flu while getting through the work that needed doing for our rent inspection yesterday, I can now relax and enjoy my brand new cold.

Yes I have a cold, which is not surprising as I was already wiped from 'flu, and then I've further run myself into the ground. Will face the world real soon now, really I will. I had decided to finally catch up on my emails the day after the rent inspection, now I'm going, 'I'm tired, sick, run down and reading is hard,' so they can wait a little longer.

In the meantime, the world can ring if it's urgent.
1st Doctor

Doctor Who Original Series 09 - Planet of Giants

Okay, wrote this ages ago, but only just getting it up (oo-er) now. Collapse )

Planet of Giants 6/10

The base idea for this tale dates back to the earliest story ideas of the series. It was one of the very first ideas put forward regarding situation the travellers would find themselves in.

The production team made a very wise decision with Planet of Giants. It was originally filmed as a four part story, and deciding that it dragged too much, they edited it down to a three parter. Given that I found it to drag a little this viewing, I can't imagine how slow it was originally.

The story isn't bad, and some of the production design is great. Forester comes across as fairly two dimensional, and Smithers, while passionate, obviously isn't much of a scientist to have worked on this project for so many years and missed what should have been a very clear and obvious issue. That said, it was the sixties and TV could get away with ignoring such issues a lot easier than they could these days with a better educated public.

Over all, not a bad story, a bit slow, but a nice idea and some nifty props help elevate it a little.