July 1st, 2009



I've had an interesting few weeks, in the good way. My headaches stopped about a week/week-and-a-half ago, and I've gotten a lot done in that time.

Amongst other things, I made space in the library for Sharon's desk and computer, and moved it all so that we now no longer have a computer room but Lex has a bedroom. Lex also now claps when he hears the word 'clap,' and he seems to be enjoying swimming.

Working with the wonderful arcadiagt5, we've gotten the Chronos Awards sorted, and will be announcing the nominees as soon as we've gotten a couple of small details confirmed. And the awards are being designed and made by two fabulously talented folks in the special effects/model-making field, so they should be nice.

I've fixed the ceiling fan in the bathroom, been visited by some good friends, and sent out surprise presents to a small handful of others. Plus, I'm doing some fun panels at the upcoming Continuum 5, and I was able to justify the purchase of the original Night Stalker series, and seasons 1 & 2 of Supernatural for a panel I have planned for C6! These fall outside my yearly budget of $100 for DVDs, because I basically need them for research, so huge bonus (paid for out of shop profits, rather than household budget)!

So, why did I wake up so dreadfully depressed this morning? Collapse )

Chronos Award Ballot

The Continuum Foundation is proud to announce the ballot for the 2009 Chronos Awards. Click on Read More for the ballot and the voting procedures Collapse )

All votes must be received by 2 August 2009. Late votes will not be considered, late postal votes will be returned to sender unopened. The Chronos Awards Committee is not responsible for any delays in post or mail.

Replication of this information is encouraged so long as it is done verbatim.