May 11th, 2009


Star Trek (11)

A bit of background - The last Star Trek movie I enjoyed was First Contact (or as most people know it, the Borg one) which is also the only Star Trek movie out on DVD that I still wish to buy.

I refuse to buy the 9th and 10th films. I'll watch them again if someone loans them to me, and who knows, I may re-evaluate my position, but for the moment I feel that Paramount got my money at the cinema, and they ain't gettin' another cent outta me for those lacklustre pieces of crap. I felt dissatisfied while viewing them, and by their respective finales was feeling quite cheated at what we were being given. Overlong, uninspired episodes that weren't even internally consistent and hoped to disguise what they were by wearing tarty clothes and talking dirty.

So, the new film. Collapse )

Well worth a look.