February 11th, 2009



Had to pop by the shops today and while I was there I bought two tins of canned soup to drop in the big bushfire relief box at the front of my local Supabarn. Made sure I picked ones that opened with ringpulls, because I'm not sure there will be an excess of can openers available. It was only $4 to do, we can afford that, and it's two small quick simple meals.

On the next shopping run, we're buying nappies and baby food to send down. It's a little more costly, but hey, we haven't lost everything, we can afford it.

Also going to be going through Lex's old clothes, and some of his toys, and sending some of those down. And I'm thinking of talking to my accountant about whether a business running at the low level mine runs at, can afford to send a bunch of toys down. Yes there are more important things that people need, but when everything is gone, it's nice if your child at least has a toy to play with.

I'm also moving forward my plan to sort through my clothes. The good ones can be sent down.

Main reason I'm writing this is to get people thinking about what they can do.

But the best thing I'd seen yet on the bushfires comes from Chris Lawson.