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October 19th, 2008

"You won't be able to take the baby on those trips of yours around Australia..." [Oct. 19th, 2008|01:30 am]
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A brief post for the many, many people who said we couldn't travel to remote places with Lex.

Post-Melbourne trip, my son, at 8 weeks, has seen more of the country than most of the people who offered me this advice, and we aren't home yet. Interestingly we have discovered travelling with him so far inland is no different than travelling with him from Canberra to Melbourne was.

10,000 years ago we all used to be nomads, yet somehow we managed.

And I have the Belwood!

A quick selection of pictures of places he's been, below the cut.Read more...Collapse )
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Sharon at Silverton [Oct. 19th, 2008|07:40 pm]
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My favourite picture of Sharon from the trip so far...

Discreet breastfeeding picture below the cut...Collapse )
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