September 26th, 2008


Classic Series Doctor Who Toys

It's been a mad couple of days, but I'm just squeezing this in before I have to run out the door.

I should have a couple of boxes of the Classic DW figures in next week, and according to Stan, my warehouse guru, I can definitely get more.

There are 8 figures in the first wave. They are -

- D84 with Anti Robot Transmitter
- SV7 with Robot Hand
- Zygon
- Colin Baker The Sixth Doctor with Sonic Lance
- Tom Baker The Fourth Doctor with 2nd Head and Sonic Screwdriver
- Peter Davison The Fifth Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver
- Magnus Greel with 2nd Head & Mr Sin
- Sea Devil with Heat Ray

Each figure comes with a part of the giant K1 robot, so if you collect all 8, you effectively get the K1 for free!

At this point, I should be charging $20 per figure, or $150 if you want all 8. The sooner you let me know what you'd like, the more likely I'll be able to fill your order. I have no idea how many of each Doctor will be in the boxes, there may only be one of each. That may limit availability, as it's no good leaving myself with lots of other non-selling figures while filling only orders for Doctors. Once I have numbers, I can put in a solid order and let people know what I can provide.

You can place orders with me through here or via email on - dannydoz at netspace dot net dot au

So get in fast, and I'll give you an update next week!

A smile

Lex has shown a few random smiles here and there, but none as a consistant reaction to a specific thing, or that couldn't be put down to gas. Until today. Today he smiled every time I offered up a very specific bit of stimuli.

Throat-singing. Every time I did a little, he smiled.

I hope he stays this cool :)