September 21st, 2008


Two for the price of one!

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I cropped it since it wasn't as if there was anything interesting or incriminating outside the area you can see. Yes, it's another late night with Lex... Actually, if he ever grows up to have a Tonight Show, I may suggest that as a title...

Late Nights with Lex

Quick post. I've been very quiet this week, the reason being twofold. Sharon's mum was here, which meant I kept not quite getting to rest. That was nothing to do with her, just me reacting to a visitor. And then there were Lex's colic issues.

At around 11pm most nights, his crying and discomfort starts. I tend to be able to settle him more consistantly than Shaz, and so will usually sit up with him, until one of my attempts to lie him down isn't met with screams. Then I put him to bed.

Usually 3-4am is when he settles. But we had two new records set this week - 7am, and 9am. I wasn't up for all that time. When I finally reached the point when I had to crash, it was Sharon's turn.

During the day, he's a pretty happy kid, it's the night-times that cause him grief. Still it's actually better than it was last week. And while I hate his discomfort, I'm glad I can settle him, and I love spending time with him. But yes, many late nights have left me too tired to read or write.

Not much else to add, except to wave at Fe and her new bub! Congrats! I haven't read LJ in over a week, but Shaz has and filled me in. Yay!