September 7th, 2008


Father's Day

This is my first official Father's Day where I'm actual dad of a real live baby.

And I still don't feel like a dad. I keep expecting to have to give him back, like he's on loan from somewhere. It's surreal, but that may just be down to the sleep deprivation.

Lex was so keen to celebrate Father's Day with his dad, he kept me up by screaming until 5am, just so he could have more time with me!

PS - today sometime we will get to watch the final episode of Dalek Invasion of Earth together

Things New Parents Should Know - Useful Stuff

Things we have learned in the last two weeks that new parents may find useful. This is what works for us and Lex, some of it may not work for you, but if it gives you one handy hint that you can adapt to make your life easier, it's worth it.

Feel free to write in with other suggestions, or to say, "Arrgh, no, you're doing that wrong!" Collapse )