September 2nd, 2008

Prophet Dan

Things New Parents Should Know # 8 - Fashion

Some days your child will go through more clothes than Elle Macpherson at the height of her modelling career. This is because babies are actually very fashion conscious, and don't like to be seen wearing the same thing for more than a few hours in a row, lest it seem they are behind the times.

The child has at its disposal a variety of ways to try to achieve the maximum number of changes in a day. It will use each and every one of them at every opportunity. It is ruthless in its pursuit of what is called, 'The Look.'

Wash a load of baby clothes as soon as you have enough to justify it. If you wait too long, you'd be surprised how quickly you can end up down to your last oufit for bub.

Also, more than one pattern per outfit is always a fashion no-no.
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A friend posted up a piece on programming for conventions - I wanted to add some more general con-running thoughts and ideas.

These are based on things I've seen and done, stories I've heard, mistakes I've made and seen made by others. It's not aimed at any one person or convention, though it can't help but relate to many...Collapse )

Gender issues

We've been out and about a couple of times in the last two days, which has knocked the stuffing out of both of us. Many people have commented on our baby, and when they hear he's a boy, they all talk about what a good-looking or handsome child he is.

I'm thinking of introducing him to strangers as a girl now and again, just to see what they say.

Once I'm bored with that, I may start saying he's a hermaphrodite.