August 23rd, 2008


Sharon and Lex update

Shaz was in labour for around 26 1/2 hours. She spent probably 25 1/2 of it in only moderate discomfort even though she used no major pain relief. She would have a contraction, pull a face, and keep going. She continued chatting happily through all of it, punctuated with the occasional, "ow." She literally sang through some of the later contractions. It only got hard on her when she got tired due to getting chilled in the bath. Then she had two Panadeine Forte, snoozed for a couple of hours, and came back rechanged and fairly cheery.

During one quite bad contraction, she broke into a Carmen Miranda song.

I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Right at the end, she had some gas. She moaned a bit during the final contractions to get Lex out, and had a hard time explaining to the midwife that in fact, she wasn't getting any of the natural signals to push. Sharon doesn't know her own body, because it didn't come with a manual, and she's crap at exploring or understanding her own physical being. Once the midwife understood this, she just told Sharon when to push and when to stop.

Lex plopped out of her and immediately let it be known that he had my lungs. We're still calling him Lex, but aren't sure yet whether that will be his name. Have to wait and see if he is a Lex.

Lex is 51cm long (20 inches), weighs 3.77kg (8 pounds, 5 ounces), has long, sharp fingernails, a giant boofhead, and looks like Winston Churchill. He was born at 10:38am on Sat 23rd August. mireille21 won the sweep, being only 4 minutes out. Once the chocolate cigars arrive, I'll send one out. I hope they don't suck.

Mother and baby are doing great. So far I have been able to calm him down within a few minutes every time he starts to cry. I'm rather proud of this. I also don't expect it to last. Lex fed without too much hassle, was happy to sleep on my chest at one point, and in my lap later for an hour and a half while Sharon caught up on her sleep.

I'm about to go and catch up on my sleep.

Shaz needed some internal stitches, and was naturally rather tired, but is fine and cheerful. When I left the hospital, they were asking if she needed any pain relief. She paused, took careful stock of how she was feeling, and said no.