July 16th, 2008


Special people

Last day or two I've been going through one of those periods I regularly go through, where I feel quite deeply the influence people have had on my life, and my appreciation of them. Some of them are folks that I don't see or talk to very often at all, but just knowing they are out there does wonders for me. They brighten my day just by existing. Collapse )

So why not do it yourself. Send someone (not me) a brief message telling them... something! It can be appreciation for who they are, or things that they've done for you or other people. But do it! You don't have to wait for a reason, the fact that they are your friend and great should be reason enough.

Of ya go, ya buggers. Get writing!
Amazing Orgasms

It's all me, baby!

Swimming exhausts me for the entire next day, so you can imagine how buggered I am tonight after a lesson. I'm at the tired level where all my filters start to shut down one by one, so anything that's in my head starts to just come out. Fortunately typing filters things a little bit. But not much. I only just avoided replying to someone by saying, "Just send money... or naked pictures..." Given I don't know them that well, I rethought that one... just...

Anyway, my point here is my general silliness. After ten years of marriage, Sharon has just discovered that the silly stuff I do around her, mum, and other people, I also do when I'm on my own.

I thought she knew!

I was really surprised. I mean, I wasn't hiding it. Hell, I can't pass a mirror without gurning, or checking out how my body looks in different poses, and trying to decide which pose is funniest/stupidest/most likely to get a laugh. I talk to myself in silly voices. I mean I couldn't be as constant with my silliness if I wasn't this way when she wasn't around. The facade would slip. Oh I have my serious, quiet times. Lots of them. But the random acts of stupidity are always lurking in the background. And just because no-one else is present, so what?!

Shaz - 'I didn't realise you still do this stuff when you have no audience!'
Me - 'There's always an audience. Just because I can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.'

harveystoat, gutter_monkey? I figure you're the two who would most be likely to do the same.

Life's too short not to be enjoying it every instant you can. Back me up, someone!