July 10th, 2008


Doctor Who Original Series 05 - The Keys of Marinus

Been a while since my last episode-by-episode reviews. Most of first season was already written up, I just haven't gotten around to posting it. But now we continue with Collapse )

The Keys of Marinus 5.8/10

While not a bad story, Marinus is just not as engaging as its predecessors. In fact, it feels more like old 1940s serials, with a series of set-pieces to make up for a real plot. There's nothing wrong with that concept, a series of challenges in different locations, but it relies on the various settings and challenges to be interesting and engaging, and the first half of the story doesn't quite manage it.

I think the key difference is that in the first few episodes the travellers are just carried along by events, where as from part 4 onwards they are involved a little more. Collapse )

That said, a good job is done by the production team with each of the worlds, attempting to make them interesting and different.