June 30th, 2008




Ow! Bastard! Owowowow!

Well, that's likely to disrupt my plans for the day!

Worst thing? In amongst the nausea, pain, and leg weakness, my hormones are bubbling! Why?! I mean seriously, even if I had the opportunity, my skin hurts to the touch! Where would be the fun?! Stupid body!

Tell me of your good day, or weekend! Danny demands it!

Recent watchings 02 - Universal Horror Films

As mentioned in a previous post, been very busy lately, which also tends to leave me knackered, so I've been watching some movies late evening before I head to bed. A chunk of the original Universal Monster movies, to be precise. All this was written, except for the last film, well over a week ago. Story of my life these days.

Here are some random thoughts... Collapse )