April 6th, 2008

Dalek gets bothered

Random oddments

Have sort of crashed a bit. Haven't really been on net or looked at email for several days, kind of spinning through the day not taking much in, though did make the meeting with con-runners yesterday, which was great.

I have done a new budget, and it's kind of scary. Even with a $100K deposit, we may not be able to find an affordable house in Canberra! And the budget is a tight one, with about $600 put aside for a year's entertainment (eating out/movies/fairs, etc.), pretty much all the rest is covering bills of one description or another. Admittedly we've increased our shopping budget by $50 in preparation for Lex, but given our current shopping budget has been $75 for the last ten years, I think it was about time anyway. There is currently no budgeted money for con-going, though what we're hoping is that profits from the business will help with that.

Will probably be heading down to Melbourne in the next week or two to finalise a few odds and sods. My camera hasn't been letting me download pictures onto the computers, hence no trip shots yet. Am currently sorting through photos for a couple of different projects. Have written a new Love & Hate post, though want to get another one or two up my sleeve before posting.

Oh, and it's Guttermonkey's Birthday! Hope you have a great one, my friend! And a good birthday, too.

Have just finished downloading the first episode of Season Four of New Who, and will watch it very shortly.