March 29th, 2008

Chaotic System

Hindenberg is still burning...

I slept on-and-off for most of yesterday, and decided on a repeat performance today. Today I ate, showered, and watched 1 & 1/2 episodes of original Outer Limits. There were snoozes between all these events, because they were so tiring.

But I'm happy :)
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I got confused as to when I'm leaving Perth and the dates, which means I can see Mr. Squiggle!

I've had the privilege of chatting to Norman Hetherington (Mr. Squiggle's long time friend) a few times, and seeing Mr. Squiggle himself live on a couple of occasions, and I never thought it would happen again.

9am Tuesday at the State Library of WA. It will kill me for the rest of the day, but I don't care even if I have to get a taxi there, it's Mr. Squiggle!

Will I be seeing anyone else there?