March 27th, 2008

Dalek gets bothered

The Hindenberg has landed...

I started feeling like I was on the downhill slope last night. Walking slower, needing the stick for balance just a little more. This morning I went to the airport to drop Sharon off, and back here to crash for a little. I was struggling at the airport, and post-snooze, can barely walk. Walking from the bedroom to the lounge has just about killed me, and looking at replies on LJ to yesterday's topics has already set me feeling very tired.

And that's not a complaint, I was expecting it. In fact, I'm surprised it took this long. And I had an utterly fabulous con because I could go to panels and party 'til the wee hours most nights. The award was just a bonus, albeit a fairly massive one.

So for the moment, regarding socialising in Perth, all bets are off. I may be needing to just rest, rest, rest, and socialising and talking to people is one of the quickest ways to wipe me out.

Leaving Elaine's place today, and tonight I'll be shacked-up somewhere for a few days with Seshat. Looking forward to some quality time and lots of cuddles there.

Thanks to everyone for showing me a great time at the con. I had a ball :)
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Fan Guests

I'm not going to have much 'net access for the next few days, so before I vanish I want to ask another question.

Fan Guests, what do you think?

I really want to hear mostly from the people who don't like/understand having Fan Guests. And I want any replies from people to those folks to be respectful of their points-of-view and not rude or pushy, or I will delete them at the first opportunity.

If we want to encourage new people to join in, we have to allow them to voice their opinions without being shouted down.