March 23rd, 2008

woohoo naked dancing


It's been good for all the reasons Swancon is usually good - loads of people turning up wanting to have a good time. Personal highlights for me have been getting to meet Robert Shearman again, finally getting to have good conversations with Kendra and Shasta (who I would dearly like to work on something - costume, panel, act, etc. - with), catching up with Sean, Mitch, Mondy, and generally partying like mad.

That's been one thing. The train trip over was handled the way I thought I'd have to be handling the con, and indeed, it's been the way I have had to handle other cons, 1-3 hours out at events, panels and chatting to people, the rest of the time resting in my room.

Except I seem to have had one of my exceptional periods, where I'm suddenly capable of running around a lot, partying, and generally like my old self. I've partied late every night, done big panels and events like the auction and masquerade, and I'm still going strong. I'm actually surprised and not a little bit stunned by how well I'm doing. I'm in lots of pain, but my balance is good, which makes life so much easier. I fully expect to crash and burn at any time, but hey, the con's nearly over, so it doesn't matter. It's the first con since the stroke where I haven't felt like I was wasting money because I got to see/do so little.

Photos soon-ish.