March 19th, 2008

Prophet Dan

Hair and travel

A short post/request because I'm utterly exhausted. Request part - if anyone happens to be going by Lush, could they pick me up a block of their Reincarnate shampoo and I'll pay you back at Swancon. Left mine behind by accident.

Train trip was good. Exhausting in the same ways cons are, in that I tend to need to rest for huge chunks of the day in order to manage a couple of hours socialising. I enjoyed the social aspects of the trip, and it was nice that Sharon and I got to sit around and relax. The only negative was that I wasn't able to stop and look at things and places anywhere near as much as I would have. However, I got to see the true Nullarbor plain, and got to visit Cock Cook, and those were big bonuses.

Thank you one and all, photos to follow shortly-ish.
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