February 27th, 2008


Doctor Who Original Series 01 - Unearthly Child

Since I'm slowly reviewing other shows, figured I'd do it with my favourite show - Doctor Who.

I'm doing it on an episode by episode basis, rather than on a story basis, because as a serial each episode had to work on its own as entertainment, and also work as part of an overall tale.

Some stories benefit in popular opinion from having a great ending, or by adding to the series' mythos, other stories suffer in popular opinion because of one naff element, or a weak ending. So I'm hoping by averaging out a story's score based on what its individual episodes got, I'll get a more accurate feel for the overall quality.

That said, there will be stories where I throw the score to the wind for various reasons.

These thoughts and opinions reflect what I feel makes for a good or bad story, I'm not saying I'm right.

But we all know I am.

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An Unearthly Child 7.75/10

I'd give the story good marks. It does a lot, even though it's studio bound, making good use of filmed segments. The first episode still stands up rather well as a self contained piece, and the rest of the story works well too.

I like that the cave people aren't stupid, but their reality is simple, and more complex ideas are presented as alien to them. More than once Za proves why he is leader - he is able to understand things a little better than those around him - including the necessity to appear strong at all times, even knowing that one way to do so is ridiculing his rival Kal to make him appear weak.