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January 26th, 2008 - Danny Danger Oz — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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January 26th, 2008

TV (and DVD and download) viewing [Jan. 26th, 2008|11:38 am]
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shazgirl and I have been working our way through various TV shows over the last three or four months, a season at a time, usually 4-7 episodes a week. arcadiagt5 loaned us Heroes Season 1, and lilysea loaned us a bunch of stuff, which we've intermixed with our own bought TV shows. So in recent times we've finished Heroes' first season, watched Wonderfalls, Jonathon Creek season one, Jeeves and Wooster season one (Chrissy prezzie for me from Shaz), and have just started on the first series of Hex.

I've also been catching up on things that Sharon... it isn't that she's not interested in most of them, it's that she's less interested than in the others. I usually know a few episodes in if it's a show Sharon will really enjoy.

So here are some quick thoughts on the stuff I've been working my way through these last few months - Read more...Collapse )
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