January 22nd, 2008


Babylon 5 1.1

Babylon 5 - Season 1

You may remember quite a while back I mentioned that Sharon and I were working our way through Season 1 of Babylon 5. We finished it up a few months back, I just haven't gotten around to posting up the little mini-reviews. I'm going to break the season in half, since reading even short reviews of 22 stories can get a little mind-numbing.

So here, in lieu of real content, are my brief thoughts on the first 11 episodes of the first season. Collapse )

Sorting, watching, quandries, and catch-ups.

I've been busy! I've put together lots of cheap bookcases, been sorting the vids and DVDs, rearranging the books, going through my stock, and watching stuff. Collapse )

In other, non-DVD news, Sharon and I are selling the Noble Park property. So Richard will be moving to our South Oakleigh house, and then, after a clean-up, NP will be on the market. That will allow us to get rid of our mortgage and give us some money left over towards a deposit on a house in Canberra. We'll probably keep renting for another year or two, unless an ideal house with a great price presents itself in the meantime.

Will be sad to sell NP, but after a year here it's highly unlikely we would choose to move back to Melbourne. Forgetting the sheer size of the place, the huge lump of grey-brown smog on the horizon that I see for an hour or so before I hit the outskirts helps put me off.

Shaz and I have our train tickets to Swancon, so that will be an adventure! I haven't figured out my plane ticket back yet, but will definitely be training over, so thank you to all of you who contributed towards my 40th Birthday pressie. There will be piccies a plenty to show you on this very journal :)