December 8th, 2007


He's awfully quiet...

Had a busy, moody week. Been flat and teary, haven't felt like posting, haven't been reading LJ, and when I've had energy, I've had to put it into cleaning the house for the upcoming inspection, or the business. Had $4000 worth of stock up on my eBay store the other day - yesterday I spent six hours wrapping parcels.

Tried to do the right thing with LJ's new rating system things, and give my LJ an "Adult Concepts" rating, which I thought was a happy medium given that I do talk about sex and such, but it's never intended to arouse. Except that if you're not logged in, their current system puts everything I write behind LJ cuts that give no indication of what's actually under them. So they'll have to tolerate me defaulting to "No Adult Content" and just applying their filters where I deem it appropriate.

Not much else to add. Seshat arrives Tuesday... Yay! Three sleeps! Sharon's going well, mum's her usual self (doing ok, but sure she'll be dead soon for no good reason), and Kal is a fine hound indeed.

In amongst my moody blues, I'm delighting in selling DW toys, and being Father Christmas :)
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