November 27th, 2007


Healthy sex, and GO-1A

Why Should We Have Sex? 20 Good Healthy Reasons

And at the other end of things, a piece on the regulation GO-1A banning porn for soldiers. It's an interesting one, not because of the porn ban, what else does one expect from America (yes, go out and fight and maim and kill people, but don't look at naughty pictures!), but because of a side note about how under the same regulation servicemen are banned from keeping pets. More on that side of things here

You know Universe, you can stop it any time now...

So, shazgirl and I are coping. Not always great, but we're getting there. And we're coping even when the universe throws things like giving me co-workers that talk about babies a lot, or has a woman coming into Shaz's work most afternoons with her newborn. It's just another little poke in a delicate spot, but we're kind of used to them.

I was sitting here and Sharon told me that friends of ours had had their baby, a boy. And we're both genuinely happy for them, no issue about that! It's great news!

A few minutes later, she makes a noise. She's been going back through their LJ and discovered that their bub was born on the 19th.

Same day Tracy was due.


Still very happy for them, glad their son is well and everything, just want the universe to stop punching us in the same friggin' spot all the bloody time! And I have to admit to being glad it was a boy. Would be hard for me to see a daughter every year knowing that that's how old our girl might have been.