November 15th, 2007

Chaotic System

Three stories

Have dashed off three quick flash stories this morning in an effort to catch up. I have about six all written just needing a final edit, but while I've been finding the time to write them, haven't been finding time or mental energy to edit or post.

Odd that it's easier for me to quickly write three fresh stories, but there you go.




Just a warning for people in Victoria

I've been feeling incredibly gorgeous and sexy for over 24 hours now. I don't know where it came from, but I'm not questioning it. I drove past a convent yesterday and all I could hear was vows being broken in frustration at not being able to have me, a dreadful thing I'm sure you'll agree.

So I need you to all control yourselves as best you can.

Yes, I'm delicious, all six of my nipples are tingling so much its hard to drive, and you all want me, but we know it's only temporary, so try to hold out as best you can.

People in others states... I'm sorry that you can't be nearer my gorgeousity.

Off to spread my loveliness to Variety Toys. I hope Stan can control himself.
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