October 8th, 2007

Serious Thoughts

Article from The Guardian

The notional paedophile now dictates what we can look at

Whatever the artistic import, images of naked children are now viewed by society exclusively through a sexual filter

I am reminded once more of episode of Reboot that celebrates Enzo's birthday. The censors insisted on the removal of a shot where Dot, his older sister, kisses him on the forehead. Their reason - it was an obvious sign of an incestuous relationship.

These attitudes and decisions say more about the people making them than anything else.

The gender imbalance on nudity...

Regarding the Klara and Edda Belly Dancing picture, and it being pulled from the exhibit for being considered child porn, what is interesting is the reaction from people. One of the things I'm seeing is a gender difference in the perception of what is 'okay'. I don't believe this picture would have had quite the same reaction if it'd been a naked boy with another boy. I'm not saying there would have been no reaction, I'm saying it wouldn't have been judged as harshly. Collapse )