October 7th, 2007

Serious Thoughts

The little reminders...

I've had a very bad headache since mid-afternoon yesterday. Not a migraine, but bad enough that it makes me wonder if it's about to turn into one. I've taken the usual precautions. Today it has faded somewhat, but not completely, and its constant presence has rendered my skin tender to the touch. I'm not worried about it turning into a migraine now, but I am aware that my next migraine may have consequences. It may not. But given the screaming match I had with someone six months ago left me with a small but noticeable and permanent loss of sensation down the right hand side of my body, and I never even had a headache, I know I need to be wary.

But wary doesn't mean not living life, being afraid to act, it means taking the risks that are worth taking, worth the potential cost. To do less is to live a half life. In the same situation, with the knowledge I have now, I would have the same screaming match again because it needed to happen.

Been ages since I've had a headache this bad, and it's one of the little reminders of why I did my birthday trip, of why it's so important to tell people they're important to me. Because you never know when things will go pear-shaped and doing these things may no longer be an option.Collapse )

So that's what it's like!

Just after the penis post in 100 Days, I was put onto a series of posts by a young woman regarding her genitalia issues. Completely different to mine of course, we have different bits for a start! But raw, honest, powerful, and all the sorts of things people say about my posts. I didn't get around to commenting at the time, I wasn't reading much in general because of my concentration, and so after going through a chunk over a few days, life got in the way and I forgot to go back to it again.Collapse )